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Service Schedule

Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Bethany Congregation invites you to the Live Stream of the Service of Holy Communion every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Here is the link to our live stream site:

Beginning on Sunday,  June 21 at 8:30 AM, we will be hosting a Spoken Liturgy of Holy Communion on the Lawn, in the East Courtyard, between the Office Wing and the Choir Wing. Bring your lawn chair and we will invite you to space out at least six feet from other. The Service will last approximately thirty-five minutes. For those who have never been to Bethany or who are not sure where the East Side Parking lot is, enter by way of the North Parking Lot, at the entrance located at GPS position: 120 17th Street Northwest, Hickory, NC, USA. Then be sure to join us for the Live Stream at 10:30 AM. https://video.ibm.com/channel/SEEA6rXV3aa 

Also if you desire the Sacrament of Holy Communion, as an extension of our Live Streamed Services, please call our Church Office at (828) 322-5002. The Sacrament is available in, with and under the species of the Bread alone, as we are assured of our Lord's presence in this Sacrament. The Sacrament is in a sealed bag, and you are invited to share together with members in your household in a in home Distribution Rite. A copy of the Rite along with the Consecrated Sacrament of our Lord's body and blood, in, with and under the one species are both available just outside our Parish Office. Please call before coming to ensure that our Parish Secretary is in the office.

You are also invited to leave your tithes and offerings for the continuation of the ministry at Bethany at the Spoken Liturgies of Holy Communion on the Lawn, by way of Direct Deposit, though your bank or financial institution, or you may mail your offering, or bring it by the Church Office and if no one is in the office, drop your offering in the secured mail box outside the entrance to the office wing. Please call us and leave a message for Pastor Shaw or the Staff at (828) 322-5002, should you have questions or have a Pastoral need.  Email the Pastor at Pastor@bethanyhickory.org